Middle East Gaming Challenge

Our Middle East Gaming Challenge is designed to be an annual, large scale event.  It represents the essence of the Games for Peace vision, bringing together tens of thousands of children from across the Middle East. Together, they will play popular well-known multi-player games whose gameplay revolves around themes of co-operation and creativity. Young adults from every part of the Middle East will be encouraged to team up, communicate and collaborate in a virtual world.

Why are we so sure that this will have a real impact on these children?  Because, without a doubt, for many of them it will be a first positive experience shared with someone their own age, in the same corner of the globe, but from an entirely different religious or ethnic background.  And, in the Middle East, the harsh reality is that the chances of these children meeting in real life is close to zero. What makes our event so special is that we make that possibility a reality – At the end of the gaming semester we will hold a real-life event for players who have shown an outstanding degree of co-operation, good faith and communication skills in the virtual world.

This approach to reconciliation is particularly revolutionary because it uses the mass appeal of online video games as a way of reaching out to tens of thousands of young people who, otherwise, would never have the chance to meet, get to know each other and bridge cultural and religious divides.

Games for Peace intends to partner-up with a number of game studios and, with their help, exploit the enormous appeal that popular games have for young people.   With the support of these companies, we will not have to charge a fee for this event, ensuring no child is excluded due to financial considerations.  Furthermore, the emphasis in this project will be put on “play” rather than “reconciliation”.  Since the children can participate from the privacy of their own homes, their safety is assured.  This winning combination, we believe, will draw in an audience that reaches far beyond the traditional “pro-peace” camp.

This event is still in its early planning stages but for more information please contact: info@gamesforpeace.org .