Minecraft lovers from across the middle east are invited to join us on February 27th-28th  to continue where we left off – building the world’s first virtual peace village.

Last month over 50 players joined in to start the village and built some pretty cool things; quite a few of you wrote to us and asked for a chance to complete what you started, so in this Play for Peace weekend we’ll start off with the village you built last month – and spend the weekend turning it into something truly beautiful – built by people from across the middle east, working together.

Join in from your home computer and build anything you want – a house, a monument, a work of art – around the theme of co-existence, self-expression and peace. Chat with other players (we’ll have an automatic translation system working!), or just have fun exploring the world.

Event starts this Friday, February 21 at 14:00 Jerusalem time until Saturday at 24:00. We’ll post the game server address on Thursday, a day before the event.

To join you will need a copy of Minecraft running on a computer (mobile or tablet versions won’t work!). If you have a 14-year-old around you chances are he or she is already playing it… If not, you can purchase the game here (http://www.minecraft.net/).

Sign up on the Games for Peace Facebook page